February 24, 2023 (26 days ago)

It’s still sold in stores but you’d have to be a certain age to remember the cheesy commercial. In an effort to show the simplicity of use, the kids helped the adults put the meat in the bag and then shook the bag causing the seasoning to coat the meat to prepare it for baking. The kid then looked at the camera and said, “It’s Shake-n-Bake and I-I-I-I-I helped.” I can’t get the voice out of my head. It stuck like seasoning to meat. My brothers and I mocked the commercial and the kids. Sorry. The voice returned to my head as I was thinking about the text for this week. God has promised to shake the universe and melt it with a fervent heat—shake-n-bake. But, He won’t need any help. When He remakes the universe for our eternal habitation, He will do it Himself, by the word of His power. Call me simple, but I don’t see any problem with that. He made it all in the beginning and He can remake it as He sees fit. What makes me happy is that there are some things that cannot be shaken. There is something in the universe that cannot be melted and done away with, I should say someone. As eternal beings we will survive the great shake-n-bake to come. However, we do want to be on the right side of God, who is a consuming fire. It’s not hard. Jesus brings believers “in” and makes us safe. This fact alone should change our attitudes about work, service and the life to come. Let us serve God acceptably and with godly fear.