Just Alright?

March 3, 2023 (20 days ago)

It’s really interesting how many popular musicians have worked Jesus into a song or two. He shows up quite often in country music, as we may expect; but almost every genre has a song with a mention of Jesus. I listened to the Doobie Brothers back in the 70’s; the band name might be a hint as to what drew them together. Their songs had a wide range of topics but one has been coming to mind as I considered our study for this coming Sunday. The title is, “Jesus is Just Alright With Me.” It’s not going to show up in our weekly song service or be sung as a special by the praise band. But, to be candid, it might represent the attitude of quite a few Christians. “Yeah, I know Jesus, He’s cool.” But, if we believe what the New Testament teaches about Jesus, how can Jesus be “just alright with me?” He’s the Creator, Sustainer, Lawgiver, Redeemer, Savior, Lord, Judge and King, to mention a few of the ways He is described in the Word. The implications for our life and eternity are profound if Jesus is who He says he is. Jesus is not just another pop icon to be used for historical or cultural reference. He is God in flesh and present to us by the Spirit. He is with us now; His Kingdom is “at hand.” Just being okay with Jesus sounds more like tolerance than conviction. I’m okay with someone liking Whoppers better than Quarter Pounders, it makes no difference to me. However, Jesus is not a hamburger. We need to be more than “okay” with Jesus, we need to receive Him, deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him! He is the way to life, now and forever more! Who do you say that He is?