The Power of Contrast

February 17, 2023 (9 months ago)

I don’t consider myself a photographer or an artist but I know that contrast is powerful in the visual arts. Whether it is light and dark or a contrast of color or subject, images stand out in contrast. Contrast of a descriptive nature is often used as a means of motivation. For example, when the poor are contrasted with the rich, people are motivated to give. When death is contrasted with life, deep emotions begin to surface. Our text for Sunday is characterized by strong contrast. Two mountains are described. First, we’ll see a summary of the atmosphere objectively and subjectively at Mt. Sinai when the Law was delivered to Moses. It was so scary even Moses trembled. The writer of Hebrews then described Mt. Zion, the city of God, and the inhabitants that are present. You’ll see that it is black and white. The question is, “Why?” What’s the point of this contrast in the flow of the 12th chapter? Simply put, the contrast is given to motivate believers to a life of obedience and worship. Believers, we have a bright and glorious future, this should make us heavenly minded enough to be of some earthly good!