November 11, 2022 (2 months ago)

I don’t know if High School Graduating Classes still vote on what they think the futures of their classmates will be but we did that back in the last century. In addition to “funniest guy,” and “best dresser” we also had prophecies about who was most likely to succeed, among other categories. I don’t believe we had a category for “Unlikely to Succeed.” Even in the ‘70’s that would have been considered “mean.” This week, we plan to study some unlikely candidates for the “hall of faith” in Hebrews 11. We understand why guys like Noah, Abraham and Joseph are in there, but there are also some characters that we probably would have left out. Why are they there? We believe the Scripture is inspired so the obvious answer is that the Holy Spirit wanted them there. But, why did He want them there? I’ve been asking that question this week and I think the answer is quite obvious—for our encouragement! Unlikely people can be people of faith. When I consider my struggles, failures and regrets I wonder why God keeps me around. Then I read about Gideon and Samson! God specializes in using broken, struggling people. He never wastes pain. He can use our wounds, our failures and our fears. He even uses what some people intend for evil to bring about good. He is the Ultimate Redeemer of junk. The enemy likes to take what is good and mess it up. God takes messes and creates beauty, and He always gets the last word! So, you may think of yourself in less than flattering terms but remember whose you are and what He can do!