November 4, 2022 (3 months ago)

We are obsessed with pictures these days. Phones have cameras that take better pictures than some of the high-end cameras of just a few years ago. People are regularly taking pictures of others and some take lots of pictures of themselves. Photography began in the early 1800’s; before that, the only images we have of people were works of art. Paintings, sculptures and drawings were the only way to preserve the image of a person or object. One reason we love pictures is because it saves a thousand words . However, sometimes words give us a picture of things that we do not have a photograph to observe. For example, this week, we plan to consider three stories from Hebrews that illustrate faith and give us a picture of the gospel. The Red Sea crossing is a picture of salvation, so is the destruction of Jericho, and the story of Rahab is a beautiful reminder of the saving grace of Jesus. In fact, many of the Old Testament stories serve a dual purpose, 1) they have a point as a stand-alone story and 2) they point us to the reality of salvation by faith. We need a rescuer, and God has been rescuing sinners since the Garden. Some of the best pictures of His rescues are painted with words.