Children's Area: Purpose


        Leaders and teachers are intentional to show each kid that they are loved and valued by God and them.

    Memorization of God's word

          We add this to each element of the Children's Area to create markers in kid's lives so that in the future, they can recall who God says He is and what is true.

      Weekly Connection

        • Sunday School & Workshop

                We have classes by grade that teach Bible lessons through activities, verses and stories from God's word.

          • Evenings in Sept- March 5:45 - 7:30 pm

                  We have Cubbies, Sparks and Gospel Agency (4 yrs. old - 5th grade). These are programs that center around memorizing God's word through a fun game time and Bible lessons.  More Information on our Sunday night programs.


          Additional Moments


                  We have 2 scholarships for camp that kids can earn on Sunday Mornings through Sunday School and Sunday nights by completing their books.


                  Throughout the year, we create fun memories through different events that provide immersive Bible experiences which introduce kids to Jesus or reinforce what they already know.