Other Opportunities
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Other Opportunities

 Building Improvements are needed periodically. Painting, light carpentry work and minor cosmetic changes are a big help and when members do these jobs it saves the church costly labor. 

Community Outreach (C.O.M.E.) focuses on reaching out locally through intentional acts of blessing (Danish Festival, Christmas Parade, Blood Drives, etc.). 

Creative Ministries uses drama and other artistic resources to encourage the body of Christ. 

Gideons is an association of Christian business and professional men dedicated to distributing God’s Word.

  • Greeters make the “first impression” for visitors to our church. A friendly spirit and knowledge of our ministries and the layout of the building are all that is needed.
  • Hospitality is a New Testament distinctive. Occasionally, there is an opportunity to house missionaries or provide meals for those who are traveling through town.
  • Kitchen workers do the unseen but very essential work for our potlucks, fellowships and funeral meals. Help is needed each time the kitchen is open for special events.
  • Meal Assistance is often needed for those who face tragedies, are recovering from surgery or who need help because of a new baby in the home. A Supper meal is provided for those with these types of need.
  • Check-In Children registers children and seeks to ensure the safety of children and families through intentional “drop-off” and “pick-up” procedures.

Lincoln Lake Baptist Camp periodically needs assistance with cooking, cleaning, grounds work and various other jobs.

This team leverages technology to facilitate the ministry of worship and preaching/teaching. Pickup an application at the Control Room if interested or contact Trevor McCready

Military Support encourages and supports deployed military personnel. There are many varied opportunities to serve.

Missions Task Force meets for the purpose of determining scheduled missionary meetings, planning Missions Focus and praying for the needs of missionaries. 

Our music ministry serves in various ways.  We have worship service teams who play instruments and sing during the morning services.

On occasion, a solo or ensemble will be part of the worship service. There are also times when people are needed to play instruments/lead singing for children's events.

Ushers work with the Deacons to help seat, greet and open the doors for people as needed as they enter for the service.

Other Ministries