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An apprentice of Jesus is becoming, with God’s active help, a person who loves God and loves people. Note the word becoming. We are in process. It doesn’t happen in an instant. There are no silver bullets. 

But our Father has provided means for us to grow into Christ’s character. Taking initiative to grow by joining a like-minded group of people to study God’s word with a view toward life-change can be a great blessing. This is our desire for Adult Education: to be conformed to the image of Jesus by the renovation of our minds alongside of other apprentices of Jesus. 

Currently, we offering an online class on Calvary's YouTube Channel at 8 am Sunday mornings.

Women’s Ministry creates opportunities for women to worship our God together, grow in the likeness of Jesus, connect in relationship with each other and serve other women with hearts and hands of love.

Without question, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a woman's life. Surrendering the Secret is a powerful 8-week study that helps hurting women find the path to healing through honest, interactive Bible study.  You will be encouraged and supported as you allow God into rooms of your heart that might have been sealed for too long.  It's time to heal.  All you need is to be willing.  He wants to set you free. Contact Kelly Moore of Alpha Family Services to begin your healing journey. As a post-abortive woman, she understands the grief and loss abortion causes. All contact is confidential. The study will be held in a private location, away from the church, to give women an environment that promotes the healing process.

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"The Gathering" is for young adults ages 18-29.
We regularly meet on Sunday evenings.

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