Our Story Continues...
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What is a "Campaign" and why are we doing this?

By definition a campaign is "a series of operations intended to achieve a particular objective."

We voted on February 5th (95% in favor) to start a fundraising process with a vision to remodel and expand our current building. For the next three months we'll be praying about what we should do, explaining the process and inviting you to join us.

What is the Our Story Continues all about anyway?

  • It's not about guilt, pressure, manipulation, hidden agendas, or campaign gimmicks.
  • It is about building. Building devoted, mature Christians.
  • Building active stewardship into our lives. Building ministry and outreach. And yes, building a center for ministry.
  • It is an opportunity for the formation of the heart!
  • It is about changed lives.
  • It is about obedience, our "Yes" in response to God's challenge.
  • It is committing ourselves to the vision God has set before us.
  • It is about building stewardship into every area of our life.
  • It is grappling with the fact that I own nothing, but am to manage everything.
  • It is about knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known.

How is Our Story Continues set in motion?

By the people on these teams:

The Spiritual Life & Prayer Team provides essential prayer support to make sure that the campaign is a spiritual endeavor.

The Communications builds awareness and informs. This is the "no surprises" team, because they do their best to make sure everyone knows what's going on.

The Hospitality Team is responsible to plan facility use and food for various meetings and events during the campaign.

The Creative Gifts Team provides confidential counsel to those requesting information on various charitable giving options. This team also sponsors Creative Giving Seminars.

The Reminder Team provides gentle encouragement to attend various functions sponsored by the campaign team.

The Presentations Team will meet with the congregation in small group settings. A presenter will share the vision, explore financial details of the campaign, and explain answers to questions that you may have. No one will be asking you to respond with any commitment at these small group meetings.


God's Word

  • Everything we do will be consistent with Biblical teaching.

Individual Prayer

  • Individuals will only be asked to respond after time has been spent in deliberate personal prayer.
  • No one will ever be asked to respond in any way with a commitment "on the spot."

Openness and Transparency

  • The purpose of all campaign meetings will be clearly and openly communicated in advance.
  • There will be no surprises.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Individual campaign commitments will be kept totally private and confidential.
  • At no point will anyone be asked to publically declare their commitment.
  • Two people will count personal campaign commitments for the purposes of tabulation only.

Counsel of the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit and sound financial principles should be the guiding factors in suggesting the amount an individual should contribute to the campaign.
  • At no time will anyone suggest amounts that an individual should contribute to the campaign.

Freedom of Participation

  • This campaign will be conducted in a pressure-free manner.
  • We ask only that individuals walk with God, pray deliberately, and give to the campaign in accordance with the prompting of the Spirit.