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I told you last week that my Grandma Shaw let me drive her car to Prayer Meeting one particular Wednesday evening.  If she really knew what was under the hood of that Chevelle, she probably wouldn’t have let me.  In fact, she probably should not have let me.  It was a two door car and not particularly heavy but it had a V-8 and all kinds of horse-power.  I was 16 at the time and that was a dangerous but glorious situation.  The days of the muscle cars are not necessarily over but we are more concerned today with leaving a small carbon footprint than we are about quarter mile speeds.  Today efficiency matters more than power for most of us.  However, as believers who long for life, we need power.  We need more power than our humanity can deliver.  As I said, believers are often unaware of what is under the hood in their own lives.  Theologically, we may acknowledge that the Holy Spirit lives in us but how that works out in our practical everyday struggles is another matter.  As we start Romans 8 this week, we’ll learn a little more about what is under the hood for the believer and how to get that power to the pavement.  This has sure been a timely study for me.  My weaknesses are many and I know the inability of my flesh to overcome them all too well.  I hope you’ll be able to join us Sunday (and maybe gather a few others for some fellowship smiley).