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The way we talk in this country sometimes, you’d think the only thing that matters is “the economy.”  The Stock Market, The Dow, The Nasdaq, Employment Numbers, GDP’s, Markets, Futures, Tariffs etc.  In our passage for Sunday, Jesus actually messed up the economy!  He put one woman out of a job and cut off a source of income for some of the men.   I think Jesus is still finding ways to mess up the economy.  It’s never our job to intentionally mess up someone else’s income but if lives are being transformed, money is going to stop flowing in the ways it once flowed.  For example, if someone becomes a follower of Jesus and they no longer frequent bars, strip clubs and casinos, some people would see that as a problem!  We’re not out to transform our culture but if people are transformed, it will affect our culture.  People who value other people and value eternal things should live and act differently once they have a new heart and a new mind.  The legalization of the recreational use of marijuana is going to be on the ballot next month.  Like the lottery, this is supposed to be good for the economy.  I think those who vote their values would beg to differ.  Just because something puts a few dollars into the pockets of Americans doesn’t make it good.  Let’s think about what we think is good and remember whose values matter most.