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You have probably heard the phrase, “What are you waiting for, Christmas?”  It is used to express impatience in any number of situations including, but not limited to, being behind a car at a traffic light when the light turns green.  By the time you get this blog, it will be approximately 25 days until Christmas.  If you have been waiting until Christmas to do something, your days of procrastination are about over!  Christmas is a good time to talk about waiting.  The Jews had been waiting a long time for their Messiah.  He didn’t come like they thought He would and He didn’t do what they wanted, but He did come, and the effects of His incarnation are reason enough for eternal celebration.  Over the next four Sundays we’ll be addressing this theme focusing some attention on the “already and not yet” Advents of Jesus Christ.  In other words, we’ll rejoice in the fact that He has come and we’ll rejoice in the fact that He is coming again.  Christians debate the timing and nature of His return but all Christians believe this; Jesus Christ is coming back and it won’t be a mystery when He does!  So, if you have been waiting to live in obedience, to commit your life to Christ, to invest in His kingdom and to be a gospel witness; what are you waiting for?