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Sometimes we get our words mixed up after having a really good time and we say, “What a riot!”  We are trying to say that we had a really “wild” time with a bunch of people but by definition, a riot is not a good time.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, a riot is “wild or violent disorder, confusion, disturbance, tumult or uproar.”  There have been many riots this year and while protest is legitimate, riots are not.  Wanton destruction of property, looting and harming other people is not justice, it’s injustice.  The Constitution of the USA guarantees our right to peaceful assembly. It does not call for violence and destruction.  Would you believe that good news could cause a riot?  It has, more than once. We’ll study one of those occasions this week in Acts 21.  Paul’s presence in the Temple in Jerusalem caused such an uproar that several hundred soldiers were needed just to save Paul’s life.  The reason for the riot was good news.  Some people hate good news so vehemently they would even kill others.  I hope our look at the good news will cause you to worship God with thanksgiving as we assemble for Songs, Word, Prayer, Bread, Cup and Worship on Sunday.