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For some reason we gravitate to the recognition of greatness.  The greatest athletes, the greatest destinations, the greatest businesses, the greatest movies etc.  I’m not exactly sure what is behind that tendency but I see it in the Bible too.  For example, Paul extolled the virtues of faith, hope and love, but he said, “The greatest of these is love.”  When Jesus was questioned about the greatest commandment, He responded “To love the Lord your God…and love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love seems to top the charts!  But have you found love that great?  In your experience does love rank among the greatest?  Is that idealistic or real?  The church should be the greenhouse for genuine love.  It should be the display to the world of what love looks like.  In the prayer of Jesus (John 17), He actually said that the world would believe that the Father sent the Son because of the loving unity found within the people of God.  Historically, I’m not convinced we’ve done a great job representing the Triune virtue.  Some people have given up on love.  No matter how difficult it becomes in this life, love is the one thing we should not give up on!  It is the glue that holds things together.  It is the sap in the life of the Vine.  It is the greatest!  Therefore, let us receive God’s love and love Him and others…becoming loving people to the glory of the One who loved us and gave Himself for us.  May our love for God and mankind both increase and abound.