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Like driving in a Michigan winter, so many things in life require staying out of the ditches.  Sex and discussions about sexuality is one of those things.  We either go overboard talking about sex or we ignore it and act like it isn’t there.  We are sexual beings and we all struggle with sexual matters to one degree or another.  Sexual identity.  Sexual preference.  Sexual abstinence.  Sexual health.  Every season of life seems to have its own unique struggle with this powerful element of our humanity.  Some people think about sex way too much, others, hardly ever.  I’m not sure things are worse now than they ever have been.  William Barclay wrote that in the first century, “There was never an age in history when marriage vows were so disregarded and divorce so disastrously easy.”  A Greek author of that day wrote, “We keep prostitutes for pleasure, mistresses for day to day needs and wives for having children and protecting our homes.”  Temples in Thessalonica and Corinth had prostitutes for religious purposes.  It was to that culture that Paul wrote about sexuality.  We have the Spirit-inspired content in several places and we’ll study one of those places on Sunday, Lord willing.  God’s will on this matter is really not that complicated.  A man marries a woman and God gives them the gift of sexual activity as a celebration of their union.  Anything outside that simple description is “out of bounds.”   To disregard the intent of God about this has varying levels of consequences.  Some in this life, and very likely, some in the life to come.  We should pay attention and help disciples understand the desire of God for these matters.  So, I just thought I’d warn you ahead of time, Sunday’s message will be PG-13.  “For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness.”