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Have you ever visited a place and realized that whatever pictures you previously viewed did not capture the beauty, the size and the wonder of what you were viewing?  That happened to me at the Grand Canyon several years ago.  It’s impressive in photographs and video but once you see it in person, you realize some things cannot be captured by “film.”  The Grand Canyon is too big to be summarized in words or pictures.  The grace of God is the same way.  Too often we use the word grace with singular focus.  We often, and rightly, celebrate the grace of God with regard to our salvation.  We are “saved by grace and not by works.”  Amen.  But, grace is much bigger and more profound than the unmerited favor the sinner receives at conversion.  Grace is the active assistance of God for all of life.  Peter referred to grace as the “manifold grace of God.”  Or, stated another way, “the many-faceted grace of God.”  It’s grace that enables service, provides comfort, restores souls, opens hearts and teaches us what life is about and how to live it.  God’s presence and active assistance for every aspect of life is in fact unmerited favor but because HE IS GRACIOUS, His active assistance is the natural outflow of His character.  It’s available to all and operative in all to the degree the recipient will allow it.  Even an atheist is alive because of the grace of God!  Just think what God’s grace can do in the life of the believer who is willing to cooperate with Him?  Could it even be sufficient in our suffering?