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You can say that word in a number of different ways and mean something entirely different by your tone.  You may rejoice in people, you may be amazed by people, you may be frustrated by people or, you may be amused by people.  People are made in the image of God.  Of course, the image is cracked and slightly wonky but God’s intention is clearly the restoration of His image to His original design.  That’s what discipleship is about.  That is what will bring God glory.  That is our destiny as Christ-followers.  Getting that “work” done in the world is something we join God in doing.  He will not do it without us and we cannot do it without Him.  Our chapters in Romans for Sunday highlight this reality.  Over 30 people are mentioned in the closing verses of our survey.  Most of them, we know very little or nothing about.  What we do know is that they joined God’s mission when they became believers and they were instrumental in the establishment of a local church in pagan Rome.  Sure, it was God’s plan to do this, and whatever was accomplished was through God’s power—but the people cooperated.  That is our task; we join Him “in our going;” in our work, our play, our church life, our retirement, and whatever else we do.  Covid-19 hasn’t stopped God!  Keep your eyes open my friends.  He is up to something in you and with you, are you looking for it?