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Green Pastures and Still Waters

I have been enlightened, encouraged and refreshed by reading what Kathy Keller has written about gender and roles.  Kathy is the wife of Tim Keller.  She may not have the “fame” of her hubby but she can wield the pen and it is well worth one’s time to read what she has written.  Here’s a sample, “Our maleness and femaleness is not incidental to our humanness but constitutes its very essence.  God does not make us into a generic humanity that is later differentiated; rather, from the start we are male or female…this means I cannot understand myself if I try to ignore the way God has designed me or if I despise the gifts he has given me to help me fulfill my calling…If our gender is at the heart of our nature, we risk losing a key part of ourselves if we abandon our distinctive male and female roles.”  It really seems insane that such a statement even has to be written, but once we cast off our humanity and claim our own deity insanity is our only course.  It seems that the enemy no longer has to be deceptive.  He is attacking the most basic of realities.  If we give up what seems to be most fundamental to humanity (and to Genesis), what is left?  And the irony is maddening, some of the same people telling us to “trust the science,” deny the evidence of XX and XY chromosomes.  God created male and female.  He calls married men (husbands) to submit to their role as leader and lover.  He calls married women (wives) to submit to their role as organizer and respecter.  Each are suited for their role by creative fiat.  To deny this is to deny God’s sovereign and good design.   The Head of husband and wife is Christ and only those rightly related to Him and walking with Him can possibly fulfill His design.  “Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

“Wow, you’re growing like a weed.”  “Impressive, you can jump like a kangaroo.”  “Brrrr, that was cold as ice.”  We like comparisons and, of course, the Scripture has many.  However, when Paul wrote that a husband should love his wife “as Christ loved the Church…”, he was not only using a comparison, he was giving us a profound example.  Think of the great love Christ displayed at the cross.  “God demonstrated His love for us in this way, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  Of course, it is possible to get stuck in the past and wonder if Christ currently loves us.  He surely demonstrated His love for us in the past but is He still demonstrating His love?  Our text for Sunday is most often used as a marriage guide but we often overlook what is plainly given to us regarding the love of Christ for us today.   So, this week, before we look at the application for husbands and wives, we’re going to study the main point of the text; namely, the expressions of love that Christ has for His people today.  Join us for Communion and a reminder of how He loves.