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Green Pastures and Still Waters

In the story of the post-resurrection events, there is one portion that I don't care for.  I probably shouldn't admit this in a public place like this especially since it is the Bible and the Lord's actions I am referring to!  But I am committed to being true to our Blog sub-title "Celebrations and Struggles in our Life with God."  So, I struggle with the week of silence between the expressed doubt of Thomas and the next appearance of Jesus.  If you read John 20:26 you'll see that 8 days pass!  What was going on then?  Where was Jesus?  What was Thomas doing?  Arrrggghhh.  Why did Jesus wait so long to manifest Himself to this seeker of truth?  I know it reveals my weakness with waiting and my struggle with Sovereign timing.  I wonder what He will ask me to wait for...and how long I'll have to wait...and what is the point?
In Luke 19 (and in the other accounts in the gospels) we learn that Jesus instructed the disciples to go to town to obtain the "unbroken" donkey that He would ride into town.  Jesus simply told them that when they were asked what they were doing, they should just reply, "The Lord has need of it..."  As you read the narrative you see that it happened exactly as Jesus said...and the disciples said what they were supposed to say.  And, the marvelous response of the donkey owner was, "Okay."  I wonder if we are that eager to give to the Lord whatever He has need of today.  It is very easy to clutch the things we are only supposed to manage.  We take ownership of His blessings so easily for a variety of reasons but many times it is because we wonder if He is good enough and big enough to care for us.  What has the Lord asked you for lately?  Was it hard to say yes or has your walk with Him revealed that giving it to Him is really a good thing?  Are our hands open or squeezing something?