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Green Pastures and Still Waters

In our study of John 11 we return to the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha.  We did not study them in John but you may remember their story from Luke 10.  Martha, the bugged busy body and Mary, the peaceful student.  Lazarus was their little brother and in John 11 he is sick unto death.  The sisters send a messenger to Jesus with this beautiful statement..."The one You love is sick."  Whatever else they didn't know about Jesus they knew this...He loved them.  But, the word they used was the one for "brotherly love".  Here's the great thing; read John 11:5, the word used there is agape ("God-love").  Get it?  Jesus loved them more than they knew!!!!!!! When you think about what God thinks of you, I pray you consider yourself one that is loved by Jehovah!  Anybody know any verses to support that Wink??? 
Broken things are all about.  Broken toys, broken appliances, broken cars, broken promises, broken relationships, broken families & broken nations.  From micro to macro there are broken things.  We live in a broken world that is groaning for healing and wholeness.  Into all this brokenness comes the One who made all things very good.  He observes the fractures and He knows what it means to be broken.  In fact, He was broken for us.  Yet, there is an interesting phrase in our study for April 18.  Jesus says "in passing", "the Scripture cannot be broken." (John 10:35)  What a glorious promise!  Among all the broken things we have this guarantee that the Word of God cannot be broken.  His promises are a sure foundation yesterday, today and forever!  What sure promise are you holding onto this day?