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Green Pastures and Still Waters

Ever had an "Ahaaa" moment?  John the apostle confesses that in one of the biggest prophetic fulfillments in Jesus' life, he and the other guys missed it.  We still miss a lot in the moment.  Sometimes it is the result of our humanity.  Sometimes it is the result of our sin.  Sometimes the enemy is actively battling to blind us.  Whatever the case may have been for the apostles, they eventually "got it."  After Jesus was crucified, buried, risen and ascended, they looked back on the entry to Jerusalem and understood what was happening.  What has stimulated "Ahaa" moments for you in the past?  What have you seen that you once missed?
Sunday, July 4, we have invited Glenn Kerr of Bibles International to speak about the global missions picture and the advancement of the gospel.  Glenn is passionate about Bible translation and is very knowledgable about how the gospel message is travelling to the ends of the earth.  Please pray, listen and learn.  What is next for us as a church?  How can we get this good word of the gospel to others? Pray for our Missions Committee and our boards as we consider these matters and our response to the Great Commission.