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Green Pastures and Still Waters

If you have ever been betrayed by someone, it probably still hurts.  Betrayal suggests previous friendship, closeness, good times and transparency.  Perhaps it was a friend, a family member or the worst...a spouse.  Betrayal leaves us sad, mad, numb and with more questions than answers.  Is there any possible good that can come from betrayal?  In our study of John 13:18-30 on October 3, we'll see that the actions by Judas actually served a prophetic purpose.  Jesus chose Judas knowing Judas would betray Him.  This was to fulfill the prophecy of Psalm 41:9.  When added to the other prophecies that Jesus fulfilled we gain assurance that He is the Messiah and Redeemer we need!  This leads us to believe, commit to and confess Him as Lord.  But what about our pain?  God never intended for you to be betrayed but something good can come from it.  This event can point you to the One who was betrayed for you, who died for you, who rose for you and who is coming back for you!  Many of the hardships of our lives have no apparent answers and seem to have no meaning.  However, for now, they may point to the the Greatest One so that you can rest your faith in Him.  Any other thoughts?
We can look down our spiritual noses at the disciples as they argue about who is and should be the greatest but the fact is we all have our moments with this same struggle.  We want to be noticed, celebrated, put first, thought highly of etc.  Since we were created for glory and greatness it is going to "come out" somehow.  The problem of course is that we are broken because of the "fall" and the way we seek greatness and who we seek approval from gets all messed up.  Our text for September 26 is John 13:12-17 but studying the parallel texts in Matthew and Luke reveals that just previous to the washing of the disciples feet they were arguing about who would be the greatest.  In Matthew and Luke we have the record of Jesus' John we have the record of His actions.  In both word and deed we learn that true greatness is in serving others not in being served.  I found it very interesting that just after finishing my sermon for Sunday I read this statement from a friend on Facebook. (Thanks Craig)

In a world filled with titles and awards...Most Valuable Player, President of the U.S., Super Bowl Champion, Supreme Court Justice, Cy Young award, U.S. Senator, Home run King,Governor, Prime Minister, Yankees Shortstop, Commissioner of this or that...Nothing compares with the "Well done thou good and faithful servant" award.  That says it!!