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Once upon a time, in a land far from Jerusalem, the Great King of the Universe sent some ambassadors with a message of good will.  The King’s Son had been rejected, tortured and crucified in Jerusalem, but on the third day He was raised from the dead.  The Son’s death and victory over death made it possible for the enemies of the King to join His family.  A pardon would be granted anyone who would receive His Son!   It’s an offer that seems too good to be true…except that it is.  Some of the people in this far off land decided to receive the Son so the King made them His sons too.  He blessed them with His Spirit, and provided their every need so they could truly say they had everything they really needed.  These people were not “top of the line,” they were needy and broken but the Spirit of the Great King kept comforting them and giving them life.  Sometimes they didn’t love each other well.  Sometimes they disobeyed the King’s directives.  Sometimes they were hurt and filled with grief.  The Son of the Great King had promised many years earlier that He would build up an assembly of people for the glory of His Father.  He did this faithfully with love and tenderness.  The Son is smart and builds very wisely—in spite of the materials He has to work with.  In one little out of the way town a group of these “sons” decided to band together for the glory of the Father.  They decided to name themselves after the place where the Son of the Great King gave His life for them…a place called Calvary.  Their story is not the whole story, it’s just a small part of a really BIG story.  But, even though it is a small part, it matters to the Great King.  And because it matters to Him, their story continues and will continue for a very long time.  The most important part of this whole story is how the King made His love known through His Son.  When you really understand what the Great King did, you’ll want to praise Him forever and ever.