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In the story of the post-resurrection events, there is one portion that I don't care for.  I probably shouldn't admit this in a public place like this especially since it is the Bible and the Lord's actions I am referring to!  But I am committed to being true to our Blog sub-title "Celebrations and Struggles in our Life with God."  So, I struggle with the week of silence between the expressed doubt of Thomas and the next appearance of Jesus.  If you read John 20:26 you'll see that 8 days pass!  What was going on then?  Where was Jesus?  What was Thomas doing?  Arrrggghhh.  Why did Jesus wait so long to manifest Himself to this seeker of truth?  I know it reveals my weakness with waiting and my struggle with Sovereign timing.  I wonder what He will ask me to wait for...and how long I'll have to wait...and what is the point?