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I probably shouldn’t be amazed but I am, at the big deal we make about guns in this country.  The people on either side, as I like to say, “in the ditches,” are adamant about their position.  Both sides use fear to spice up their rhetoric.  “First our guns, then everything else!”  “Guns are killing our children!”  “Less restraint!”  “More laws!”  “Buy guns while you still can!”  “Confiscate all of them!”  I doubt anything short of the return of Jesus will end this debate.  It’s sad.  There is a lesson to be learned for those of us who are trying to follow Jesus.  We’re in a battle.  The enemy is not “the other side” of whatever your current cause may be.  The enemy is the devil and the pack of lies he has foisted upon this culture.  If we are not properly armed with truth and the character to use it, we are sitting ducks for his life-taking devices.  Many followers of Jesus know the weapons and have them but for one reason or another do not use them as God intended.  Failure in spiritual warfare has sad consequences.  I’m sure you are aware that we are in a battle.  Do you know what we have available for our arsenal?  Do you know what to do with the weapons we have in Christ?  He has given you license to carry and the means to demolish strongholds, knock over foolish arguments and dismantle “things” that exalt themselves against intimacy with God.  What good is the license to carry if we don’t use the weapons He has provided?