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It may be another one of those overused phrases in our culture but it perfectly expresses the point of a very important section of Romans 8, “The struggle is real.”  Sometimes I feel alone in the struggle.  In other words, it feels like I am the only one that is struggling.  The truth is, the whole creation is struggling!  The birds, the fish, the mammals, the earth and probably even the Spring Peepers!  When Adam and Eve sinned, they thrust the whole creation into a struggle, in fact Paul wrote that the “whole creation groans and labors.”  Have you ever wondered what the earth and all that is in it will be like once the curse is lifted?  Will Mourning Doves still mourn?  Will mosquitoes bite?  How much happier will a Chickadee be when the curse is lifted?   I’m even interested to see what a glorified Cat is like ?.  What does it mean that the “trees of the field will clap their hands?”  This is what we are headed for as believers!  In the new Heaven and new Earth believers will reign with Brother Jesus over a glorified creation.  Paul didn’t give many details but God did give you an imagination, (and I suspect it will be better than we can imagine).  We will not be able to create Heaven on earth, but it is coming!  The King will return and the changes will be so profound and so glorious that I think we will have a hard time remembering the days we are in right now.  “We hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.”