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Every fall that our sons were in school, we had a rhythm of life that involved purchasing new clothes and school supplies and, adjusting our schedules to school life.  We also received mail from the school about various details and at times we attended “orientation.”  To orientate is to “adjust oneself to a new situation.”  Going back to school requires orientation, in other words, students and parents need to adjust themselves to a new situation.  Even though many of us do not have a direct reason to think about the school calendar, we are affected by their new situation in many ways; from shopping selections, to traffic, and yes, even in the church calendar.  Fall is a time for the “kick-off” of many ministries and Calvary is no exception.  We’ve been praying and planning all summer for the start or re-start of many different ministry options.  We’ll be doing a bit of orientation this coming Sunday and our prayer is that you will find some places to live connected, grow, serve and love.  There will be a number of changes to “the way we have done things before” so I trust you’ll have ears to hear and that you’ll be able to participate in the life of the body this fall.  You should probably bring a No. 2 pencil!