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Since I don’t hide my heart very well, I have been asked this question on more than one occasion.  We usually use the question above in reference to a “bad attitude.”  For example, maybe you have said to someone, “Please don’t give me that attitude.”  However, the word attitude doesn’t always refer to something bad, it simply refers to a mindset or the posture reflected by that mindset.  It is also possible to have a “good” attitude and it is possible to “fix” our attitude.  Truthfully, sometimes when we are mad or hurt, we don’t want to fix our attitude.  We just want to “stay mad for a while,” as the country song says.  But, part of maturing as an adult and as a disciple of Jesus is learning to adjust our attitude to His Kingdom.  Lord willing, this Sunday we’re going to study what it means to have “a gospel attitude.”  Just because we are Christians does not guarantee we’ll have a gospel attitude.  In fact, when we do not have a gospel attitude, it would probably be better if people didn’t know we were Christ-followers!  Remember, we are His ambassadors.  We represent Him and His Kingdom and the way we live reflects upon Him.  Living the right way will not convert the world but at least our message and manner will be consistent.  As disciples we are to be gospel proclaimers; we are witnesses of His goodness and grace BUT, we are also models of what the gospel can accomplish.  Let’s be people with an attitude infected with gospel power.