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Social justice matters.  People are image bearers of God and should be treated with respect because they have the “dignity of the Divine” stamped on their person.  Regardless of color, culture, economic condition or sexual status, people must be loved as “our neighbor.”  However, many in our culture are taking up the social justice cause with a vengeance that has gone beyond the intent of those who called us to pay attention.  I’m not sure, but I doubt Dr. King would have cancelled Dr. Seuss.  On our current cultural course, while taking things into our own hands, I am afraid the cure may be worse than the disease.  Even those in the so-called “woke community” are calling out their own for a misuse of the paradigm.  That’s the problem with human solutions to human problems—humans are still trying to fix the problem without addressing the real problem.  There is a solution to the problems we are facing as a culture, but it is transcendent.  We need to “wake-up” to the One who died, rose, ascended and intercedes for us.  The apostolic agenda had one thing to cancel, death!  They preached that life was available from the One who conquered the grave.  They had the audacity to proclaim that following Him would change us and that change would be the cure to many of the evils our culture is still experiencing.  Christ is risen, can you see how much that matters?