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I gave you one of these last week.  Do you remember?  You could choose to be discouraged with the description of a disposition of love OR, you could be encouraged by imagining God making you into that kind of person.  Well, here’s another pre-sermon decision, and you have two days to mull it over.  The question is from John Piper, “Shall we be American with a pinch of religious flavoring? Or: Shall we be Christ’s people with a pinch of American flavoring?”  This is a very important question and the implications are enormous.  It’s a tough question for a number of reasons. 

1) It’s the Fourth of July weekend!  We are celebrating our independence in the aftermath of a revolution.  To be American is to have a bit of a rebel spirit.  People tell us we can’t do something and we do it!  It’s the American spirit. 

2) We are experiencing Covid-fatigue.  The results of all this government intervention is starting to wear us thin.  Changes that seem arbitrary, inconsistencies of application and the tension over “positions” on the subjects are wearisome. 

3) Evangelicals have been courted by certain politicians and the message from them is clear; “Christianity and patriotism are one!” 

Ugh.  No wonder we’re tired, frustrated, angry and divided.  Do you see why Piper’s question is so important?  If we ask the wrong question, the answer doesn’t really matter.  However, the implications of the answer to the right question can be life-changing.  We’re going to take a look at Romans 13 this week.  To whom will you give ultimate allegiance?