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That sounds awful.  I have fallen out of trees.  I have fallen off of ladders.  I have fallen on the ice.  I even fell in the toilet once!  As awful as all of those events were, it would be even worse to fall from grace.  That phrase is in our text this week as we start our foray into chapter 5 of Galatians.  Of course it has received a lot of attention and interpretations of what it means are numerous.  We must remember that Paul was writing to believers who were being tempted to drift into legalism.  I don’t think he was telling them that they could lose their salvation but I do think he was reminding them that going back to the rules and regulations of the Mosaic Law would be a painful fall.  They would be leaving the liberty of grace for the bondage of legalism.  Since the Cold War is technically over, I can say this…leaving grace for legalism would be like moving from the USA to the USSR in 1968.  Why would anyone do that?   Paul was warning the people he loved that the move to legalism would not be what they thought.  As Americans, we have been thinking about our freedoms this week and rejoicing with fireworks, hot dogs and apple pie.  Please remember that liberty never comes without struggle…in nations or in our lives with God.  By God’s grace and through faith, we have His provision for our struggle.  We’ll learn more about that on the Lord’s Day