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That is the title of a book by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne.  It is not a book about growing grapes, it is a book about church organization.  You may wonder how that metaphor fits but it is actually more obvious than it appears.  A trellis is built to support a growing vine.  The vine grows by God’s mysterious blessing.  In a vineyard, a trellis with no vine is simply decoration.  And, a vine with no trellis is a sprawling and chaotic mess.  The steward of the vineyard builds a trellis to support the life that God is bringing to his vine.  God does one part; the steward of the vineyard does the other.  Church is like that.  God is the One who brings life to people.  He sustains, provides, restores, saves and transforms people.  As those people are drawn together and continue to grow, some structure is necessary.  A constitution, a building, the organization of people and programs all keep the growing vine from becoming a sprawling mess.  However, if the focus is on the trellis itself, the vine may languish.  Too often in church history, the emphasis has gone from one to the other.  There ends up being growth with no support or lots of organization with no life.  In fact, over-organization can actually squelch life.  The role of our Board, comprised of Elders and Deacons, is to monitor this process.  We attempt to work in prayerful harmony with what God is doing as He brings life to this local church.  We develop structures, buildings, programs etc. to provide a place for the growth to occur.  We cannot make the vine grow…that’s His job.  But, we can work with Him to provide a place for that life to flourish.  Please pray with us as we learn more about this from Acts 14 on Sunday.