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Marvel Studios are turning out Super-Hero movies one after another with tremendous box-office success.  Some people are mystified as to why these movies have such fan appeal.  I’m not.  In addition to the plots, special effects and actors/actresses, we have a deep longing for a Hero.  As humans we are “hard-wired” with this longing.  We know things are a mess and we long for someone to come and clean it up.  We are quite sure it won’t come from the “establishment” because we believe they are all corrupt.  We’re looking for the person who comes out of the darkness and brings the light.  We’re looking for someone who can identify with our suffering—who has perhaps been wounded or marginalized.  We hope they will defeat evil and bring good and create a safe place for us and our children to live.  If we can enjoy the escape into a movie for a couple hours, it satisfies our craving until next time.  But the bigger question is, “Is there a Hero?”  Who is the One?  For the OT Jews it was Moses, then Joshua, then various Judges, then David…then, um, nobody.  It seemed like the promises were not being fulfilled and that the people of God would fade into oblivion.  But great David’s Greater Son did come!  His name is Jesus and He came to save His people from their sins.  Israel’s Deliverer is our Deliverer too.  We need what Jesus delivered, a way to life from a culture of death.  Run to Him!  Run to Him, His arms are open wide.