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If you saw those words and in your head you said, “Who’s there?” you probably have kids or grandkids.  My grandkids don’t fully comprehend the whole “knock, knock” thing yet.  They just make stuff up when I say, “Who’s there?” and think it is hilarious whether it works as a joke or not.  I’m sure they’ll grow into the wonderful and intellectual world of “knock, knock” in a few years.  We’ll be studying a humorous “knock, knock” story on Sunday (Lord willing).  The context of the story is not humorous; the church was being persecuted and James the brother of John was beheaded!  Peter was arrested and imprisoned because King Herod Agrippa had the same intentions for Peter.  However, the story that starts bleak and gloomy ends happy and giddy.  The difference is the combination of a sleeping apostle, a praying church, our Awesome God and a ditsy servant girl.  Put all that together and you have the ingredients for quite a story, a story with a point…a point you probably need.  See ya’ Sunday smiley.