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I’m not a true baseball fan but two of my favorite movies are about baseball.  I’ve watched “Sandlot” and “Field of Dreams” numerous times.   In Field of Dreams, baseball players from the past come out of a cornfield to play ball, make things right and restore a father/son relationship.  It’s a touching story but there’s one part that really grabs me every time.  Ray’s brother-in-law Mark cannot see the ball players that everybody else sees.  It’s frustrating, maddening but eventually almost humorous.  After a near tragedy with Ray’s daughter, one of the ball players saves the little girl’s life and Mark “believes.”  The look on his face when he sees what everyone else had been seeing is etched on my mind.  Mark’s whole paradigm about Ray, his sister, the ball field and the note at the bank does a 180 degree change.  Mystery turned to reality.  Belief brought vision.  Exasperation turned to excitement.  Of course Mark’s fictional repentance has actually happened a few billion times in the lives of those who receive Christ.  Disciples of Jesus don’t see apostles playing baseball but they do begin to see Jesus for who He is and with that finally get some clarity about what life is about and how to live.  The apostle Paul had a moment like that.  Once he believed, all that he had opposed he promoted.  All that he had denied, he affirmed.  He gave his life for what he had tried to destroy.  Our testimony may not be as dramatic but be sure of this—Jesus is still willing to meet people and open their eyes.  He may ask some of us to join Him in the process.  On Sunday, Lord willing, we’ll study a man who said “yes” to such a venture.