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Adult Education: Reasonable Faith?

Have you ever heard things like...

  • "Science has disproved Christianity."
  • "Religion is a crutch."
  • "People who believe in the supernatural are ignorant."
  • "How could a good and all-powerful God allow suffering?"
  • "All religions are the same, what matters is that you're sincere."

For 8 weeks this summer we'll be pursuing answers to these kind of statements and more. We are going to tackle questions like:

  • "Is Faith a Blind Leap or a Smart Commitment?"
  • "Is Christianity Historically Verifiable?"
  • "Can I Trust the Bible?"
  • "Is Jesus the Only Way?"

We believe God has made us in such a way that we have a need and responsibility to develop a worldview based on truth and not feelings or fads. Please join us to build your faith on the truth of God and His Kingdom. This class will be team taught by Pastor Bart Bouman, John Lewis, David Crittenden, and Mike Radcliffe.

Main Campus

Bart Bouman

Room 204 NW

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There is no book or fee for this class.